Run #1572 The WIPOS Perna Park Hash
Time: 6.30 pm
Start: Barrington, LAX fields on Sowams Rd. Pack: Hairy, LB, basket, rusty, weeballs, oboner, cums with oboner two-timer, booty, PG, crotchy, oozy, misses p, fecal, AQ, SSS, EtiClit, just whisky four-timer guy, other visitor hasher, other other visitor hasher.
Nice accessory to have in your trunk
Trail started from NEW lax fields in Barrington. Not to be confused with the old ones over by the private school.
New comfy pota-jons for the ladies, Hope she washed her hands.
Many complaints were heard before trail started. Too far away, wah! Too close to home, wah! Not enough sausage, wah!

The civilian wee ones were practicing with their sticks and tossing their balls back and forth as we, the pack, took off circling their fields. Into the wooded muck, westward, we went. At first we bushwhacked a little, then it opened up to a series of well groomed north/south trails. We marched north. There were road crossings with little flour. There were trees here and there. There was an over use of flour in certain spots, and a shortage in others. There was a pond. There were bull frogs in that pond. We continued north. To a road, marked false, and marked true.

Note to self: When WIPOS lays an X adjacent to a true trail arrow pointing at the X, it means you're fucked.

At this point all hell broke loose. All the wankers turned around and went back, assuming the worst. They planned on cutting bait and going home. "Screw WIPOS and this trial" they said. Every except for Hairy. Hairy said, "I know! I'll loop around and find more flour!" And he did. And it was good! It was the best trial he'd been all week! Bullshit!

By the time the wankers has backtracked most of the trail, WIPOS had carried the beer check to them.

By the time Hairy found the wankers, the wankers had wanked all the beer!
All that was left was Cider!!! They tried to sing the AssHole song, it took too long. Hairy sang Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, in honor of springtime and Dr. WHO.
Great view of the mosquito infested swamp from the beer stop
BUTTPLUG wasn't there but he should have. We took in-trail out, back to the cars. Everyone fought over where to circle. "Here!" Said WIPOS. In the corner of the field. "There!" Said basket, Pointing to the middle of the field. "Over here!" Said oozy, hiding behind a little teeny tiny tree.

Sss is leaving us, again, temporarily. She got a down down. Visitors got a down down. Two, tree, four and five timers got a down down. Hairy got hashit for a mug that he doesn't even have. He got a down down. Then everyone spit on him. Announcements were for Chococorouwa, we're going tree times this year. Dragon boats. PG is making us all fancy RI Hash coats. They will be made out of beer-filled bubble wrap.

On-after was at the Doublin Rose, on the way home for Rusty. There was much douchebaggery there. Everyone hi-ho'd on their knees, out of the bar.