Run #1575 The Flaccid Pole Hash
Time: 6.30 pm
Hare: Rusty
Start: Basket Swamp, Tiverton, across from Sandywoods.
Pack: Hairy, Amish, Just pat, basket, WHO, WIPOS, Bondo, oboner, cums with oboner two-timer, cums with oboner virgin, booty, Santaclit, misses p, AQ, crabby, just whisky six-timer guy, just Tom virgin. Plus three benderover rover trail-hounds.
Hashit: Hairy K

Trail started off the side of the side road near sandywoods. There was an un-erection turbine. Not to be confused with the erect ones over by the private school.

Many complaints were heard before trail started. Too far away, wah! Too close to home, wah! Not enough sausage, wah!

we, the pack, took off circling a large boulder. Into the wooded muck, westward, we went. At first we bushwhacked a little, then it opened up to a series of well groomed north/south trails. We marched north. There was power gas line crossings with little flour. There were trees here and there. There was an over use of flour in certain spots, and a shortage in others. There was not a single view of the lake. There were bull frogs in that lake.

Note to self:
When rusty lays a true trail arrow that hooks either right, or left, it means you're fucked.

At this point there was a Baileys check. And a tit check. So once the Baileys was drunk we were blessed with Santaclits tits. Then hairy and Santaclit went for a loop in the romping woods. All the wankers stayed around and were given beer.

But after the beer check it was time for the other wankers to circle jerk the same trail Santaclit and hairy had found. BUTTPLUG wasn't there but he should have been. We took in-trail out, back to the cars.

Basket counted his steps back to the cars "69 69 69...." Songs were sung, trail was over rated, down downs happened. We named oboner's sister SnatchChat even though none of us have ever conversed with said snatch. Hairy got Hashit for stealing LB from the hash. Hairy sang Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, in honor of springtime and Dr. WHO.

Announcements were for Chococorouwa, we're going tree times this year. Dragon boats.

On-after was at the Doublin Rose, on the way home for Rusty. There was much douchebaggery there. Everyone hi-ho'd, on their knees, out of the bar.

Compliments of the Hairy Tick Collector
PS I found 4 ticks last night, so check yourselves or ask WHO to check out the Harriers and Basket said he'd give the Bimbos a once over.