Run #1606 Retar'D Finds a Virgin at the Senior Center in the Monastery Hash
Time: 6.30 pm
Hare: Retar'D
Start: Cumberland Monastery
Weather: 32 Degrees by 7PM, but clear with dropping temps.
Pack: Basket, Weeballs, Buttplug, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, OOzing Syph, O'Bone'R, Rusty, Bondo Jovi, A Tird in the Beaver, WHO
Hashit: Basket

Retar'D just got back from sunny, warm and friendly Thailand, only to find he'd been put on the Hareline for A Cold, Winters Evening (there's a song there) Hash.

It was the Hash before Christmas
And all 'round Rhode Island
Trees were all trimmed
With balls and bright garland

Retar'd was back from holiday
Far away in Bangkok
Just to lay some flour
For the Hash of the Red Cock

The moon was shining
On the hard pack dry ground
As one by one Hashers arrived
Without much of a sound

They quickly found in his car
A box with cold beer
Then Hash voices singing
Of good Hashmas Cheer

Soft in the beginning
Then rising so high
Like a Welsh male voiced choir
Brought a tear to my eye

Beers were finished
As 6:30 soon came
And the pack darted out
On On they proclaimed

The trail started west
On the Beauregard Loop
Some falling behind
The quick running group

A check was discovered
Leading out to the old road
With the pack quite seperated
The pace was now slowed

Butt Plug found flour that led
To a field and a check
That fooled all the Hashers
Then exclaimed, "What the F' heck"

Finally Donkey saw flour
Leading back to the cars
Soon all were together
To find beer that was ours

Behind the fence
Among trees standing tall
Songs were sung
And orange food for all

The Hare stood in the middle
A circle was formed
Complaints of no flour or shiggy
With antics performed

Then out from the trees
All covered with glitter
And balls and lights
There came but a tither
Santa did arrive
So fancy and quick
With a bag of some goodies
For all a good sip

It was a bottle of Baileys Creme
And all got a taste
In a small plastic cup
It went down in great haste

So the run was rated
A poor negative 6.9
But we all did agree
It was a pretty good time.

Merry Christmas