Run #1607: RIH3 Merry Effin Christmas
Date: 12/28/16 at 6:30 p.m.
Location: Lincoln wood’s (enough pavement to be Lincoln Park)

Hare: O-Boner (Substituting an equally shitty Ozzing) Hashers that cummed: Wipos, O-Bondo, Wee Balls, Who!, But Plug, Shemale-man, Basket, Beaners (Glutenless, Under Whore, Black Cock Down, Bring Out The Gimp, & Mr. Bean, & unfortunately Butler)
Hashit: Shemale-Man

You know Whipos and Bondo and Wee Balls and Who
A few Beaners and But Plug and Shemale and Basket

But do you recall
The Saddest Hasher of all?
O-Boner the Harriet Hasher (Hasher)
Had a very shinny Box (Like a head lamp)
And if you ever saw it (Saw it)
You would even say it glows (Like Stripper pole)

All of the other Hashers (Hashers)
Used to laugh and call her names (Like Douche Bag)
They never let poor O-Bowner (O-Boner)
Join in any Sexual games (Like a Gang Bang)

Then one foggy Christmas Hash
Oozing came to say (Hoe, Hoe, Hoe)
"O-Boner, with your box so bright
Won’t you Hare my trail tonight?"

Then how the Hashers loved her (hated Her)
As they shouted out with glee (Fuck Me!)
"O-Boner the Harriet Hasher (Hasher)
You'll go down in history" (Like Fuck)
You’ll…Go… Down… in… His… tor… ry… Like Fuck!