Run #1608: WHO will be our New Years Baby?
Time: 6.30 pm
Date: January 2, 2017
Hare: WHO and/or Basket
Start: Fort Barton Elementary School/Beak's
Pack: WIPOS, Rusty, O'Boner, Just Pat/Butler, Bondo and Buddy, Fergie, Crotchy, Buttplug
Hashit: Buttplug

Most people parked at the middle school as the hare requested, but Crotchy had other plans and parked right in front of Beak's house. The pack started out there, listening to Beak's tales of old, until eventually the run started (late of course, as just seeing the island is enough to put us on island time)

At first the trail was all pavement, all the way to the whiskey stop. Luckily this wasn't far, and also luckily the whiskey was hot chocolate. We climbed up the incredibly tall lookout tower to a lovely view of Portsmouth and the island. Eventually O'Boner and Butler showed up, and the pack promptly left.

From there the trail went through the woods, alternating between trails that were essentially shallow mud pits, and bushwacking that consisted of 99% briars. After listening to the goddam hare give us goddam wrong directions 69 goddam times, we made it to the beer stop and again waited for Butler to show up to help drink the many gallons of beer. He finally limped in, and proceeded to get Buddy riled up enough to knock Crotchy over at least tree times. Also WIPOS almost nailed me in the face with a stick, but luckily for the rest of you my beautiful face is unscathed.

The pack left and made their way back to Beak's backyard for the circle, again getting misled by the hare who had forgotten his own trail more than enough times for us to learn our mistakes. We eventually made our way back, where Fergie somehow remembered most of the words to a song after a 20 year backslide. Meanwhile others among us forgot that we had already done a song 5 minutes ago. Trail was rated a positive 69, which was massively overrated, but also thankfully irritated WHO. After the circle, we went into Beak's house and looked at all his cool old shit and ate pizza.