Hash-run 02/06/17 #1613
Hares: EtiClit and DannyBhoy
Hashers: Basket BoomBoom, Rusty, DrWHO, Oozing, WeeBalls, ButtPlug, CrotchTiger, PussGalore, FecalVeneer, Sleeping Booty, HamsterInRear and his doG, and the hares.
Where: Snake Den Park, Johnston RI

Sister Sauna being out of town, and not wanting to leave his Brown sister to fend for the trail on her own, Danny Bhoy stepped up to help in his virginal trail-setting. Given the Brown ladies had laid (trail) splendidly before, was he up for the challenge? It appears the start of trail was also changed at the last minute. This piece of vital information cost Oozing the hashit.

Trail was marked in white and blue flour. The official colours of Brown University. The pack was sent east of Brown Ave, to a check in the open field. Rusty and WeeBalls went towards the state park, where 2,354 previous trails. DrWHO, mustering his decades of sniffing bums and sniffing out trails, however ventured south into the open field in the direction of the farm. Trail quickly went into bushwacking territory into the woods. Briars slowed down the pack, allowing the slower hashers to catch up. Soon, it was pretty shiggy-licious. A cleverly downed tree helped the pack cross a stream that had a thin cover of ice on top. More bushwacking through briars, then onto numbered trail behind Dame Farm. Some zigzagging and onto another check. Fecal goes left and wrongly marks check, sending the pack onto a false trail. Doesn’t take much to confuse this lot of dimwits. Eventually, the ladies, with their higher intellect (why they still run with the RIH3??) find trail and another check. WeeBalls goes left, with Booty, Rusty, WHO, Oozing and Basket, and the others go right. OnOn sounds from the right, whilst Wee calls “on 3”. What??? Sensing he was on the out-trail, WeeBalls turns back and the others follow. Except for Oozing and Basket.

The trail went deep into the woods and southeast of the farm. Led by PG and Crotchy, the pack navigated a few more checks. Booty, attempting to go over a rock, tripped and fell hard on her bum. The (bad) Dr, sensing that the good doctor (Oozing) wasn’t around, took advantage and came to her aid. A thorough examination by the hash-proctologist later, and Booty was none the better but stumbled on. The pack came upon the BN, and found beer soon after.

Following trail backwards, Basket and Oozy gingered on. They were on trail and on marks the entire time. They kept going eastwards, going through 4 different checks, towards route 6. By this time it was 8:30pm and no sight of beer. Basket became distraught, and got lost. Feeling bad for his compadre, Oozing went and called him back onto trail and back towards the farm. Still on trail and on flour. Still no beer. Thirsty and tired, the two head to the farm and out to Brown Ave, to the cars. Where the pack awaited.

Quick circle with comments mostly in the positive. Rusty, EtiClit, Booty and Danny did down downs for backsliding wankers.
The hashit was unfairly given to Oozing for helping out Basket.
The ONIn was at Bishop Hill Tavern and attended by the entire pack! Basket told his story of woe to the hapless waitress, and got a free beer.
OnOn til the beer runs dry, as Rusty would say…