Run #1628: The Tird's Second Hash
Time: 6.30 pm
Date: May 22, 2017
Hare: A Tird in the Beaver
Start: Bristol, near the bridge
Pack: Basket, Crotchy, WIPOS, Hamster, Buttplug and 3 visitors: Photo Shy f/Makon Georgia H3, ? f/Afganastan, and friend
Hashit: Buttplug

Despite the rain and shit directions, several people made it to this trail, including a poor soul from Georgia who didn't know the shitshow he was getting himself into. Basket set the tone for the trail with a broken taillight, and it was all downhill from there. Especially since the pack started by following the semi-live hare down the hill and under the bridge. The trail quickly made its way through private property, which resulted in the first confused homeowner coming out and questioning the stragglers as to why they were wandering through his yard.

After about .69 miles of pavement, the trail finally hit a seemingly public area that wasn't a road, and the pack made its way towards the beach. It turned out to not be public, as we wandered through a yard filled with geese and a second confused homeowner. A very early BN for the first beer stop was quickly followed by a YBF, which we should have let Basket miss as he would have just kept going. Thankfully the hare was setting it mostly live, and the beer stop was right nearby anyway. We sat around on the probably privately owned beach until we were approached by what we initially thought were more homeowners on their way to kick us off, but it turned out to be another 2 visitors.

After the first beer stop, the trail made its way towards the Roger Williams campus, where it zig zagged through the buildings and dumpsters. During this time we lost Basket and WIPOS, and there was much rejoicing. We also lost Hamster, but I forgot that and that's why I'm doing this goddam writeup. The second beer stop was on the beach again, and there was more than enough beer and orange food for the few people who made it. Eventually, the pack left and worked its way back towards the cars, where we found the lost hashers and circled up. The trail was quickly rated due to the rain (and lack of people to rate the trail), several songs were botched due to the lack of WHO, and we made our way to the on after at Aidan's to indulge in Meatloaf Mountain.

Did I mention the jumper off the Mount Hope Bridge? The tree missing hashers, Basket, WIPOS and Hampster, found their way to the end of the trail, near the cars, when a stream of emergency vehicles raced uptowards the bridge, while a few more stopped by our cars under the bridge. Thinking the police, EMT and other vehicles may be looking for WHO dropped the white flour throughout the area, Basket approached the first officer and was told it was a jumper. At least one person had a good (?) reason to not make the beer stop. The rest of us just complained about the Hare's use of red and blue chalk on the rain soaked pavement... in the dark. Hello? They do sell white chalk. Even the flour held up nicely in the rain.