Run #1635: WIPOS does Curran Park Hash
Time: 6.30 pm
Hash trash: July 10.
Location: John L Curran park in Hope RI
Attending: Dr. WHO, Rusty, Oozing, Basket, Meat Wallet, Amish, O'Boner, Butler, Hamster, Crotch Tiger, Fecal, Butt Plug, Donkey, Pubic Housing, Just Kim, and various others of insignificant impact on PG's mom-brain.
Hash Pups: Oliver!
Hashit: PG (who has mom-brain still, even through her child is 3).

First of all, Crotchy and I have scouted this location several times, and we were shocked and appalled at the use of pavement by the hare. There were plenty of tick-infested, shiggy-filled paths for us to have used on our way to the beer stop, none of which were apparent on this short and somewhat predictable trail.
I arrived late, but easily found the start, and Butler and O'Boner who were lagging behind (possibly to engage in Pok'mon catching). We set out over the earth works, past the water and gawking fisher people, and I found a four-leaf clover. Then we were immediately sent out on a fecal- and urine-speckled peninsula for a whisky stop. Rusty refused to eat the four-leaf clover, even though we all know that's where his people get their powers.
The whisky was too soon for a hot day, though at least there were some sticks and brush, and discarded sexual aids to fight through both to and from the whiskey stop.
And eminently acceptable hash terrain.

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Back on trail, and we headed straight to the road... and then remained on the road whilst yards of good shiggy went to waste on our right. But enough about that.
We headed back into the woods on a well marked and well-trod trail down a hill amongst the pines to a glass bestrewn grove along the reservoir. It was marked "BN" however, there was no beer until the Hare arrived with it on his back.

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The beer was good, the orange food excellent. The view, vaguely Mathew Parrish.
Songs were sung. Oliver the dog may have eaten far too many crackers than were good for him. Oozing, Basket and WHO wore matching outfits.
Out trail had far more shiggy than the actual trail, though it was poorly marked and confusing, so eventually I just used my precious knowledge of the terrain and headed back to the car along the edge of the park. That meant more road, but at least now I actually chose the road. Besides, it was a massive short cut, so I got to start drinking again almost immediately. (Never mind that the drink was Gatorade. I'm old. I get dehydrated.)

We waited back at the Hare's car for EVER for the rest of the pack, and then debated where to actually circle up for EVER, because of the large concentration of children. Finally we began the circle, which went on, you guessed it FOREVER. By the time we got to choosing Hashit, I was eaten by biting insects and ennui, so I finally volunteered as Tribute - ahem, I mean Hashit. Final down-down and we Swung Low. And I left.

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I hear there was an On After. The Hare posted pictures. It seemed to contained food and drink.

The end.
On on.