RIH3 Hareline

Rhode Island Hash House Harriers


Hare Guidelines

General Guidelines

Hashing has no rules, but Haring does.

To ensure that we all have fun, and that the Hares aren't dismembered, here are a few guidelines.


VIRGIN HARES must lay with experienced Hares, never with other Virgins.  

Run start. The start should allow sufficient, safe parking without tickets, towing, etc. Be sure the expected crowd can be accommodated at the start area. Don't put us out in the middle of a busy street.

Run end. The end will be in an area where beer is legal, and where the hash can congregate without interference. Light is necessary and may have to be provided by lanterns, etc. Don't put us in an illegal area where the Police are going to rush us out of. Get everyone to the finish in about an hour. Avoid traffic, crossing busy intersections, and respect "No Trespassing" signs.

LOST HASHERS: Hares are responsible for finding any Hashers still out on the trail by the time the ON ON is over. This is good incentive to lay a well-marked trail!!! The search party starts with the hares.


Have enough beer for everyone, Buy Extra, you can always use it at home afterward. For A to B runs, hares are to transport hashers back to the start and may make a few trips. Plan to have a large enough vehicle to do this.

The Trail

Run the entire run and time it to estimate the overall length. If it's at night, run it in the dark to avoid losing your way in a canyon while haring live.

Flour marks should be approximately every 10 paces.

Hare arrows should be used to indicate any change in direction and at all street corners. Toilet paper can be used when flour and arrows cannot be seen.

Checks tend to bring the strewn out run group together, as front runners look for true trail from a check while the rest of the pack reaches the check waiting for an inkling as to where to go next.


Run Budget

You are responsible to buy the following:.



Get your directions to the Hare Raiser a week before your hash.