Rhode Island Hash House Harriers

Receding Hareline

Note:   Upcumming runs are assigned in more or less random order.   If you want to switch weeks, or would like to be added to the hareline, or offer the Trailmaster sexual favors, contact Basket Boom Boom.

Last Updated:  April 20 , 2018
If you're looking to do something completely different, a few of us meet on Wednesday at the Rock Gym in Lincoln and may climb over the weekend nearby or in New Hampshire.

Date: Time: Run Hare: Directions:
Mon. Apr 23 6:30 PM 1676 Butt Plug

Butt Plug is our Hare and something smells shitty

Hope he doesn't pull it out of his ass like the last time.

Something definitely does smell funny about this trail. Is it the hare? Maybe. Is it the fumes from the power plant burning beautiful, clean coal? Probably not, since it's closed down. Is it something else? Probably. Either way, you'll be seeing the cooling towers most of the trail, since it's in Somerset. Expect a very seasonal surprise on trail, unless you're someone WHO shortcuts...

Trail starts at Edward J. O'Neill Memorial Playground

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Song of the Week: The sexual life of a camel

Mon. Apr 30 6:30 PM 1677 A Tird in the Beaver

The Bugs Bunny Hash

In 1938 a Hare made his debut in the cartoon Porky's Hare Hunt.
That cartoon character would eventually become Bugs Bunny. WHO doesn't remember the enjoyment that old Hare gave us a kids. Will this Hare do the same?

Will this be a live Hare Hash?
Will we catch the Hare.
WHO's Porky.

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His song of the Week: Hello Penis My Old Friend.

Mon. May 7 6:30 PM 1678 WIPOS

WIPOS lays the Cinco d' Mustache Hash

Do we have to remind you ladies to start growing your stach? Prize for the best RIH3 Stach...the shitty shirt WIPOS is wearing. Now ain't that sweet.


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NEW Song of the Week: Hymns and Arias

Mar 14
Monday 6:30

Frosted Fanny

The Last Virgin

Trail in Middletown. We'll see.

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Song of the Week: 7 Old Ladies

Mon. May 21 6:30 PM 1680 Donkey & Pubic Housing

You know this is going to be good, Don't you?

Dale Carnagie's How to impress people: Give them a good reputation they can live up to. His song of the Week: Green is the color.

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Her Song of the Week: Christopher Robin

Mon. May 28 2'ish PM 1680 Hairy

& Luxury Box

The Memorial Day Hash

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Her Song of the Week: I've only half a brain.

His Song of the Week: Cat on the Rooftops.

Mon. June 4 6:30 PM 1682 Just the Tip

JTT love you and wants you to be happy

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His Song of the Week: Red is the Color.

Mon. June 11 6:30 PM 1683 Next Week

Next Week is back This Week

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His Song of the Week: Dos a Beer

Mon. June 18 6:30 PM 1684 BONDO

Bondo is promising his Best Hash EVER

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Song of the Week: As I was walking

Mon. June 25 6:30 PM 1669 Crotch Tiger

Pussy Galore

The Summer Solstice Hash

It's finally here.

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Song of the Week: How do you like my Poetry

I'll drink to that.

Mon July 2/td> 6:30 PM 1686 Ass Quack

Crabby Shag

Ass Q's doin' it again Hash

He was so proud of his last trail at Chafee Nature Preserve. Now if he can make a streak of 2.

His Song of the Week: The Girl from Baltimore

Her Song of the Week: Vino

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Next Week/Alpacalips Now

Next Week moved to the slums in Westerly and thought bringing with him a pretty face would protect him from the gangstas. He's asked to be put into the Dog House until she convinces him to sell, make a profit and move back to civilization..

Sleeping Booty and her 7 Toys

Sleeping Booty grabbed her toys and skipped out on us. I've been looking for her, but with little luck. She's lost so much weight you canardly catch a glimpse of her now, since she's become a professional street walker. She said she works for the government, but we've heard that story before from Shemail Man.

Justin Myass

After a short hiatus, JIMA is back in the doghouse. He is lost in his books, and seems like he doesn't have time to do much else these days. He's got to learn one thing...Life is too short!


So Mouthful thinks flying planes in warmer climates is better than running in shiggy in the cold dark New England evenings whilst enjoying good beer. Such a shame... he was just getting good at setting sh*tty trails.

Dry Foot Fairy

Apparently, Dry Foot had to move to New York City to get laid.

Trail Hoover (SESYB)

OK Boys and Girls.... time to dust off that porn collection.

Great at Giving Head

Apparently, G@GH found better opportunities outside Rhode Island. Too bad he'll never find better beer.


Until he shows himself again, he's back in the doghouse.


Tinker is stuck in a snow drift in Pig Iron, NH and is trying to get a snow cat to catch his plane to Southeast Asia hashing with the Thai's. Good Luck and God bless that lucky Wanker!

Cum Under PSHS

She may be gone, but our ears will still be ringing for years to come. Thus, did she really leave?

Dick Doc

Double D decided to leave us for warmer climates, rumored to be somewhere in Arizona. Those Canadians could never handle the New Engand winters and good beer.
  Evil Bitch Ripta

EB has once again succumbed to the siren call of lite beer and bowling.
  Swallows My Pride

The Good Doctor has gone Bad.
  Raging Queen of Beers

Raging is AWOL somewhere in the Land of Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry

Birdbrain is currently whining with some lame exuse about working on a doctoral thesis.    When will you people learn?   Repeat after me.   The Hash Is My Life!

 Our Hash Soccer Mom was suffering from terminal responsibility and respectability.    Ever since she also became afflicted with the M-word, she's become a lost cause.    

Someone has to darn KNO's socks, right?

  Short Peck


Apparently, Mr. Peck has determined he has a better chance of getting laid in the Granite State.   (Yes, even Jake turned him down).   




Snot's performance as a Rhode Island hare was so abysmal that we sent him packing back to the UK.

He'll be allowed back on the hareline when he either (1) recruits Elizabeth Hurley to the Rhode Island Hash or (2) provides sexual favors to Jake.