Yummy says, "Don't be like Buttler, the RIH3 takes off at 6:30 promptly. If you're late, don't blame us for having to find trail on your own. Also,it's that time of the year again, where you'll need your batteries for more than sex toys. Bring your flashlight and watch your step. OnOn!"

Rhode Island Hash House Harriers
"The Drinking Club with a Running Problem"

Easy to remember address for this web site:   http://rih3.com

What the &*#! is the Rhode Island Hash?!?

The Rhode Island Hash House Harriers is a non-competitive, social running club.  One of approximately 1500 chapters worldwide, the Rhode Island "Hash" meets every Monday night, year round and the pack off at 6:30 P.M. SHARP  Our courses, or "hash trails" are about 3 to 5 miles and usually feature an assortment of roads, forest paths, woods, swamps, mud and just about any other slimy obstacle our dastardly hares can think of. Bring and extra pair of shoes.  The trails are designed to handicap the fastest runners, so that people of all running abilities usually finish about the same time.  Each run or "hash" is followed by a "down-down" ceremony and a stop at local restaurant or pub on the way home. First timers (aka "new boots" ) and visitors (Wankers from other Hash Kennels) are always welcome!!

We meet in a different location each week in Rhode Island or nearby areas of Massachusetts or Connecticut. Just bring running clothes and a sense of humor!
For more information about the Rhode Island Hash House Harriers:

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For further information on the Rhode Island "Hash",  call Basket (aka Bill) at 401-568-3157 or send an email to  Basket Boom Boom or  Dr W.H.O..

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