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Last updated :Feb 28 2018. The Bimbos do Ryan - The 1669th Hash

The Hashit is responsible for the Hash Trash, but we know they're not very responsible so when we have to and when someone gets off his ass to make even a small effort, we take turns scribing the auspicious events of each run.& As always, the write-ups of each run (a.k.a. hash) are totally truthful and without hyperbole.  Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Any additions or suggestions can be made to Dr W.H.O.. Any complaints should be sent to Basketboomboom@wanker.net .

Explantion of Trash Icons: New = fairly recent write-up, New =historical information, and New=Wanker Hashit has failed to do his trash.
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26, 2016
Run # Date Write-up Scribe Hare Location Hashit
1669 Nar 5, 2018 New The Bimbos do Ryan - Our 1669th Hash
OOzin Crotch and PG Ryan Park, NK OOzing
1668 Feb 26, 2018 New Just the Tip in Copicut
Basket JtT Copicut Woods Basket
1667 Feb 19, 2018 New The Hairy's Baby Hash
??? Hairy Richmond Sq, Providence OOzing
1666 Feb 12, 2018 New The WIPOS Stop and Shop septic Hash
Hairy WIPOS S&S Seekonk Hairy
1665 Feb 5, 2018 New The Superbarf Hangover Hash
Basket Rusty and Frosted Fanny P&R Fish Rd ,Tiverton Basket
1664 Jan 29, 2018 New The Dead Irish Poets Hash
Butt Plug Donkey and Pubic Housing Highland Corporate Drive Butt Plug
1663 Jan 22, 2018 New The Burns Supper Hash
Basket Tird in the Beaver Colt State Park, Bristol Basket
1662 Jan 15, 2018 New The Green Pepper Hash
Rusty Bareback Butt Plug LIncoln Woods Rusty
1661 Jan 8, 2018 New The First Ski Hash of the Year
Rusty OOzing Snake Den Park Just Pat
1660 Jan 1, 2018 New The New Years Day Hash
Basket WHO and Basket Weetamoo Woods, Tiverton Fecal Veneer
1659 Dec 26, 2017 New The Post Christmas Day Hash
Basket Basket Burrillville Middle School Donkey and Pubic Housing/font>
1657 Dec 11, 2017 New The Basket Boom Boom Birthday Hash
The Ballad of Eskimo Nell
Basket Rides Again.
Basket O'Bone'r and Fineass Cuntsultant Aldi's Woods OOzing
1655 Nov 27 2017 New The Best Bimbo Hash
Just Pat PG & Crotchy LIncoln Woods Just Pat
1652 Nov 6 2017 New The Ten Mile Circle Jerk Hash
Just Pat WIPOS Turner Reservoir Just Pat
1649 Oct 16 2017 New The Bondo's Best Hash
Just Pat Bondo Jovi The Same Place He Usually Does His Trail Just Pat
1647 Oct 2 2017 New The Tird's Tird Hash
Basket The Tird in the Beaver Bristol Basket
1642 Aug 29 2017 New The Krisko Kid on Virgin Ground Hash
Basket Krisko Kid and Friends The Brenton Point Park, Newport Weepus or WIPOS - not sure
1641 Aug 21 2017 New The Total Eclipse Hash
Basket O'Bone'r and Fineass The Brenton Point Park, Newport Tird in the Beaver
1640 Aug 14, 2017 New The Virgin at the Monastery Hash
Hamster Retar'd The Monastery in Cumberland Hamster
1639 Aug 7, 2017 New The 2017 Chocorua Recovery Hash with pics
Basket Ass Quack Sandy Point Beach, Portsmouth Basket
1638 July 31, 2017 New The Amish's Unbroken Leg Hash
Rusty Amish and Meat Wallet Cuttyhunk Brook Preserve, Exeter Rusty
1637 July 24, 2017 New The Dark and Stormy NIght Hash
Basket Just the Tip Big River Just Pat
1636 July 17, 2017 New The Not for Wedding Hangover Hash with Photos
Basket Hairy and Friends Division St Sand Dunes Basket
1635 July 10, 2017 New WIPOS does Curran Park Hash with Photos
PG WIPOS Curran Park HOpe, RI PG
1629 Mar 29, 2017 New The Mammorie Day Hash
Tird in the Beaver Butt Plug Rosa Larisa Park in Riverside Tird in the Beaver
1628 Mat 22, 2017 New The Tird's Second Hash
Butt Plug Tird in the Beaver Mount Hope Bridge Butt Plug
1614 Feb 13, 2017 New The Fornicator's XC Hash
A Tird in the Beaver Basket The Lodge A Tird in the Beaver
1613 Feb 6, 2017 New The Brown found in Snake Den Park Hash
OOzing Eticlit and Virgin Hare Just DannyB Brown Ave Snake Den Park OOzing
1609 Jan 7, 2017 New Bondo does it in the snow Hash
Basket Bondo Bondo's House, Woonsocket OOzing
1608 Jan 2, 2017 New The New Year's Hash
Butt Plug WHO Bill the Beak's House, Tiverton Butt Plug
1607 Dec 26, 2016 New The Hash Christmas Party
Shemale O'BoneR Lincoln Woods Shemale
1606 Dec 19, 2016 New The Hash Before Christmas
Basket Retar'D The Monastery Basket
1605 Dec 12, 2016 New The Why does it F'n Snow Hash
Butt Plub WIPOS Seekonk Library Butt Plug
1577 June 20, 2016 New The Horseshit Bitch-fest Hash
WeeBalls Shemale Man Goddard Park, Warwick WeeBalls
1576 June 13, 2016 New The Horseshit Hash
Basket Pussy Galore and Crotch Tiger Goddard Park, Warwick Basket
1575 June 6, 2016 New The Flaccid Pole Hash
Hairy Rusty Basket Swamp, Tiverton Hairy
1574 May 30, 2016 New The Bondo Bike Hash
? Bondo Jovi Meadow Rd, Woonsocket ?
1573 May 23, 2016 New A Crabby Shag at Melville Campgrounds Hash
? Crabby Shag Melville Campground, Middletown ?
1572 May 16, 2016 New The WPOS Perma Park Hash
Hairy K WIPOS Perma Park Barrington Hairy K
1571 May 9, 2016 New The Virgin Hare Hash
? Misses Pussy Narragansett Gun Club Exeter OOzing
1570 May 2, 2016 New The Cinco de Mustache Hash
? OOzing Doherty's East Ave Cafe Meat Wallet
1569 April 25, 2016 New The RIH3 1569'th
? Sleeping Booty Sachuest Point Middletown ?
1568 April 18, 2016 New The Up the IrishHash
? Basket CCRI Lincoln ?
1567 April 11, 2016 New The BH3 Marathon Prelube Hash
? O'Bone'R State Police Barracks on 146 Lincoln ?
1566 April 4, 2016 New The Fecal Veneer is Everywhere Hash
? Fecal Veneer Frosty Hollow Rd ?
1565 March 28, 2016 New The Easter Bunny Hash
? Next Week John Chafee Narture Preserve, N. Kingstown ?
1564 March 21, 2016 New The St Paddy's Wedding Hash
? Amish Ryan Park AQ
1563 March 14, 2016 New The St Paddy's Wedding Hash
Basket Luxury Box Agawam-Flynn Playground Rumford Basket
1562 March 7, 2016 New WeeBalls does Shemale Hash
? ? The Big River ?
1561 Feb 29, 2016 New The Leap Year Day Hash
? ? The Whyatt Rd Soccer Fields ?
1560 Feb 22, 2016 New The Ski Hash Recovery
O'Bone'R Crotch Tiger The Lodge, Lincoln O'Bone'R
1560A Feb 20, 2016 New The Rumney Ski Hash
Rusty Basket, Eticlit & Glutenless The Fat One's Rumney Rusty
1559 Feb 15, 2016 New The Be My Valentine Hash
Rusty AQ & Crabby Brenton Point, Newport Rusty
1558 Feb 8, 2016 New The Super Bowl Recovery Hash
Basket WIPOS FedeX Warren Basket
1557 Feb 1, 2016 New The James Joyce Hash
? Donkey & PH Sprague Farm, Glocester ?
1556 Jan 25, 2016 New The Burns Supper Hash
? WHO Wally's Tap ?
1555 Jan 18, 2016 New The Big River Spash
? PG & CT Tarbox Pond ?
1554 Jan 11, 2016 New The Snow Balls Hash
? Booty Rhodes on the Pawtuxet ?
1553 Jan 4, 2016 New The First Hash of 2016
? OOzing Nicolas Ferri Middle School, Johnston ?
1552 Dec 28, 2015 New The Last Hash of 2015
Shemale Fecal Veneer Gilbert Stewart Museum Saunderstown, RI Shemale
1551 Dec 21, 2015 New The RIH3 Christmas Hash
? Fecal Veneer Mapleville, RI WIPOS
1550 Dec 14, 2015 New The Donkey on a Shelf Hash
? Donkey Punch and Pubic Housing Heritage Park Glocester, RI Misses Pussy
1549 Dec 7, 2015 New The Big River Hash
? Amish Amsh finds virgin trail in BR POP
1548 Nov 30, 2015 New The Bondo FAKE BeerHash
Rusty Bondo Bondo Cookies in Lincoln Woods Last of the Spread Cheekens
1547 Nov 23, 2015 New The Busy Hairy Hash
OOzing Hairy & LB Lincoln Woods OOzing
1546 Nov 16, 2015 New The Beaver in the Pond Hash
Rusty O'Bone'r Mercy Brown Grave and a Wildlife Refuge Rusty
1545 Nov 9, 2015 New The Mercy Brown Girls Vamp Hash
Rusty Sister Sauna Snatch and Eticlit Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge Rusty
1544 Nov 2, 2015 New Rusty is Off Island Again Hash
? Rusty Tiverton Park and Rid on Fish Rd Ass Quaaaack
1543 Oct 6, 2015 New Retar'd Holloweenie Hash
Hairy Retar'd Wild Colonial Hairy
1542 Oct 19, 2015 New Bondo is lost in FL Hash
? Basket AAA Warwick Amish
1541 Oct 12, 2015 New Basket's Amish's Bryant's Indigenous Peoples' Hash
Glutenless Maximus Basket Parentes Restaurant GM
1540 Oct 5, 2015 New WIPOS in Scituate Hash
? WIPOS Lawton Farm Scituate ?
1539 Sep 28, 2015 New Lost in Snake Den Hash
? Crotchy and PG Snake Den Park ?
1538 Sep 21, 2015 New Glutenless Hash
? Wee Balls Island Park ?
1537 Sep 14, 2015 New Booty's Fast and Furious Ninigret Hash
Tinker Booty Ninigret Park Tinker
1536 Sep 7, 2015 New OOzIng Labia Day Hash
? OOzing ? ?
1535 Aug 31, 2015 New YShitoe'd covers Amish Hash
? Y Shitoe'd Narragansetl ?
1534 Aug 24, 2015 New Krisco narrows it down-down Hash
Basket Krisco Kid Narrows Rd, Bristol Basket
1533 Aug 17, 2015 New The First Almost-Virgin Trail Near Ryan Park in 15 Years

Plus the WIPOS Photolog of the First Almost-Virgin Trail Near Ryan Park in 15 Years
POP Next Week Next Weeks Farm in NK POP
1532 Aug 10, 2015 New The Worst Hash of the Year.
OOZing Fecal Veneer Fecal Veneer's Overpriced Condo in Johnston OOzing
1531 Aug 3, 2015 New Dead Poets Hash-Percy B Shelly 261st Anal-Versary Hash
OOzing Donkey and Pubic North Beach Pond, CT OOzing
1528 July 13, 2015 New Hairy's Hernandea Hash
Glutenless Hairy and LB The Roll and Tool Shop, Attleboro Falls Glutenless Maximus
1526 June 29, 2015 New Rusty's Off Island Hash
O'Bone'R Rusty John H Chafee Nature Preserve, Boston Neck Rd, Saunderstown O'Bone'R
1525 June 22, 2015 New Retar'd's Back in MA Hash
Basket Retar'd F. Gilbert Hills, Foxboro, MA Basket
1524 June 15, 2015 New Bondo does Basket Hash
WIPOS Bondo and Basket Snake Hill, Mapleville, RI WIPOS
1523 June 8, 2015 New WIPOS CONN Hash
Sleeping Booty WIPOS Old Furnace Park, E. Killingly,CT Sleep B
1517 April 27, 2015 New Chaucer's Lincoln Woods Hash
Glutenless Maximus POP (aka Alpaca Lips Now) The Lodge, Lincoln, RI GM
1516 April 20, 2015 New Yet another Ryan Park Hash
Crabby Shag Next Week (aka Alpaca Lips Now) Ryan Park, N.Kingston, RI Crabby Shag
1515 April 13, 2015 New The Browning Mill Hash
Rusty Fecal Veneer Browning Mill, Exeter, RI Rusty
1514 April 6, 2015 New The Easter Bunny Hash
WHO? Donkey and Pubic The Monastary, Cumberland, RI WHO
1513 March 30, 2015 New The Doctors Hash
Wee Balls Basket 301 Farum Pike, Smithfield Wee Balls
1512 March 23, 2015 New A Cold Spring Hash
Glutenless M Hairy and Luxury Box Franklin St Forest, Forge Hill Rd Glutenless Maximus
1511 March 16, 2015 New The Gay-lick Hash
? WHO Ate Rod Road, Tiverton, RI The Other Basket
1510 March 9, 2015 New Another snow covered virgin-trail/virgin-Hare Hash
Basket O'Bone'r Wenscott River Woods, Lincoln, RI Basket
1509 March 2, 2015 New The Rumney Ski Hash Recovery
Basket Rusty The Wyatt Rd Soccer Fields (surprise!) Dr WHO
1509A Feb 28, 2015 New The Rumney Ski Hash
Basket Basket The Fat One's Homestead, Rumney, NH OOzing
1508 Feb 23, 2015 New The Crabby Shag Birthday Hash
Amish Crabby Shag and a very lost Ass Quack Big River Amish-it Head
1507 Feb 16, 2015 New The Virgin Hares find Virgin Trail Hash
WHO will do it? Eticlit and Just Emily North R, Foster, RI WHO
1506 Feb 9, 2015 New The Tird Monday Snow-day Hash
Basket Bondo Jovi 157 Meadow Rd Basket
1505 Feb 2, 2015 New The Super Bowl Hangover Hash
Basket WIPOS The Luxury Box OOzing
1504 Jan 26, 2015 New The Burns Supper Hash
Basket OOzing Turner Reservoir, RI/MA line WIPOS
1503 Jan 19, 2015 New The RIH3 goes to Church Hash
Basket Pussy Galore and Crotch Tiger West Exeter Church, Frosty Hollow Rd OOzing
1502 Jan 12, 2015 New The Rocky Point Hash.
Basket Sleeping Booty and Glutenless Maximus Rocky Point, Warwick, RI Basket
1501 Jan 5, 2015 New The First Hash of the Year.
Basket Fecal Veneer Hopkins Hill Rd, Coventry, RI OOzing
1500 Dec 29, 2014 New The 1500th/Xmas Hash with photos.
Rusty Basket Burrillville Middle School Rusty
1499 Dec 22, 2014 New The Another Virgin Lay Hash.
Wee Balls POP Arcadia Rd, near Browning Mill Pond Wee Balls
1498 Dec 15, 2014 New The Black Light Hash.
Basket Alpaca Lips The Wood River Trail near Stepping Stone Donkey
1497 Dec 8, 2014 New The Back to the Woods Hash.
Basket Amish The Lodge Sleeping Booty
1496 Dec 1, 2014 New The Hairy Ball Field Hash.
Basket Hairy George St Ball Fields Plainville, MA Rusty
1495 Nov 24, 2014 New The WHO's Birthday is it? Hash.
Amish Ithead Dr WHO Kickemuit Middle School Amish
1494 Nov 17, 2014 New The Half-Assed Hash.
Basket Donkey Punch and Pubic Housing Tillinghast Pond, East Greenwich Basket
1493 Nov 10, 2014 New OOzing's Veterans Day Hash.
Donkey Punch OOzing Smithfield Conservation Area behind Police Station Bondo
1492 Nov 3, 2014 New the Hopeless Roll Back Hash.
Basket covering Sleeping's Booty Basket Boyden Heights Conservation Area, E.Providence Sleeping Booty and the Seven Toys
1491 Oct 27, 2014 New the Lovecraftian Horror 69-mile Hash.
Glutenless Maximus Retar'd Wild Colonial, Providence, RI Castro
1490 Oct 20, 2014 New Dead Deer Hash.
Basket Crotch Tiger and Pussy Galore Quonset Point, NK, RI Basket
1489 Oct 13, 2014 New The Weetamoo Woods Hash.
Basket started it; WHO wants to finish it. Crabby Shag and Ass Quack Weetamoo Woods, Tiverton, RI WHO
1488 Oct 6, 2014 New Virgin Hare - Virgin Trail Hash.
Basket Glutenless Maximus Theakston de Coppet Nature Preserve, Richmond, RI Basket
1487 Sept 29, 2014 New Bondo's Homie Hash.
Basket Bondo Jovi Meadow Rd, Woonsocket, RI Basket
1486 Sept 22, 2014 New The Galilee Fisherman Hash.
Basket WIPOS State St, Fishing Area, Galilee, RI Crabby Shag
1485 Sept 15, 2014 New The Rusty's Jamestown Hash.
Basket Rusty Bevertail Park, Jamestown. RI Amish
1484 Sept 8, 2014 New The Shemale Loves Us Hash.
Basket Shemale Man Park n Ride off 95 exit 7 Basket for doing my job
1483 Sept 1, 2014 New The Virgin Hash of the Week.
Basket WHO want's My Johnson Very near the Cranston Police Firing Range Basket
1482 Aug 25, 2014 New There's No Peace in the Park Hash
Basket Next Week J Chaffee Nature Preserve, Saunderstown Basket
1481 Aug 18, 2014 New The Big River Hash
Donkey Punch Amish Big River Management Retar'd
1480 Aug 11, 2014 New Take the High Rock Hash
Basket Hairy High Rock Rd, Fuxburro Tinker
1479 Aug 4, 2014 New What the Buck Hash
Just Mike w/ comments from OOzing Pubic Housing and Donkey Punch Buck Hill Management Area Just Mike
1478 July 28, 2014 New WHO's canoe/kayak Hash

Plus notes from Just Alex
OOzing an notes from JA. Dr WHO Narrows River Hash Just Alex
1477 July 21, 2014 New Mystery Hare Hash
Basket Oozing and Bungy WalMart, Plainfield Pike Wee Balls
1476 July 14, 2014 New Bastille Day Hash
Basket Basket River Bend Park, Uxbridge, MA OOzing
1475 July 7, 2014 New Mother's Milk Hash
Basket Crotch Tiger Goddard Park Bondo
1474 June 30, 2014 New Death to Buddy Hash
Basket Ass Quack and Crabby Shag Wapping Rd, Middletown Bondo
1473 June 23, 2014 New Retar'd's Return Hash
Basket Retar'd Wrentham Forest Basket
1472 June 16, 2014 New Bondo's Return Hash
Basket Bondo Jovi Spring Lake, Glendale, RI WIPOS
1471 June 9, 2014 New CT Border Hash
Basket WIPOS Beach Pond Basket
1470 June 2, 2014 New Rusty's Cookout Hash
Basket Rusty Wyatt Rd, Middletown WHO
1469 May 26, 2014 New Memorial Day Hash
Basket Shemale Breakheart Pond OOzing
1468 May 19, 2014 New Another R*n around the park Hash
Basket Next Week Ryan Park WIPOS
1467 May 12, 2014 New Mt Tom Hash
Amish Basket Arcadia Amish
1466 May 5, 2014 New Cinco de Mustache Hash
Basket Hairy Mansfield Bondo
1465 April 28, 2014 New Carolina Dreamiin' Hash
Basket Donkey & Pubic Carolina Management Area WIPOS
1464 April 21, 2014 New Top 10 Hash
Basket WHO Freetown Forest Amish
1463 April 14, 2014 New Yet Another Lincoln Woods Hash
Basket Amish The Lodge Ass Quack
1462 April 7, 2014 New Sunny Day Hash
Basket Rusty Fish Rd Crotch Tiger
1461 March 31, 2014 New April Fools Day Hash
Basket Ass Quack Third Beach Basket and Pubic
1460 March 24, 2014 New Zindabad Hash
? OOzing Brown Ave School ?
1459 March 17, 2014 New St Paddy's Day Hash
? PG& Crotchy Crotch Pad ?
1458 March 10, 2014 New Next Week's Hash
WHO Next Week Ryan Park WHO
1457 March 3, 2014 New Hairy's Hinamatsuri Hash
Rusty Hairy K Hopkins Hill, WG Rusty
1456 Feb 24, 2014 New Frozen Tundra Hash
Rusty Basket Cady's Tavern, Burrillville Rusty
1455 Feb 17, 2014 New Ski/Snowshoe Hash
Rusty Shemale N.Smithfield Elementry School Rusty
1454 Feb 10, 2014 New WIPOS Ski Hash
Basket WIPOS Sprague Farm, Glocester Basket
1453 Feb 3, 2014 New James Joyce Hash
Basket Donkey and PH Joseph Chase School, Swansea Basket
1452 Jan 27, 2014 New Robert Burns Supper Hash
Donkey WHO WHO's Humble Abode, Tiverton Donkey
1451 Jan 20, 2014 New MLK Hash
Basket Amish Big River Basket
1450 Jan 13, 2014 New Short Sweet and Soggy Hash
Basket Rusty Wyatt Rd Soccer Fields Basket
1449 Jan 6, 2014 New Alpaca AssQ Hash
Basket Ass Quack Ryan Park NK Basket
1448 Dec 30, 2013 New Happy New Years Hash
Rusty PG and Crotchy Belmont Park Warwick Rusty
1447 Dec 23, 2013 New Christmas Hash
? OOzing East Ave Cafe ?
1446 Dec 16, 2013 New Hairy's Bush Hash
? Amish The Lodge, Lincoln Woods ?
1445 Dec 9, 2013 New Basket's 66th B'day Hash
? Basket Christmas Tree Shop Attleboro Snotty
1444 Dec 2, 2013 New Clueless in Saunderstown
? Amish JH Chafee Nature Preserve ?
1443 Nov 25, 2013 New the Turkey Hash
Tucked Away in Big River
Rusty and Basket Donkey Punch & Pubic Housing Big River WIPOS then Rusty in Abstentia
1442 Nov 18, 2013 New The Circle Jerk Hash
Basket WIPOS Franklin Forest Crabby Shag
1441 Nov 11, 2013 New Shemale's Back to School Hash
Basket Shemale Chili's Post Rd, Warwick Basket
1440 Nov 4, 2013 New Carolina the Cow Puncher's WHOre Hash
Basket WHO Richmond Town House Rd Basket
1439 Oct 28, 2013 New The Holloweenie Hash
Basket Rusty Downtown Newport OOzing
1438 Oct 21, 2013 New The Muhammad goes to the Mountain Hash
Basket Weeballs Riverpoint Park WIPOS
1437 Oct 14, 2013 New Columbus Day Hash
Basket Retar'd Lincoln Monastary ?
1436 Oct 7, 2013 New Can WIPOS Get Lost Again Hash
Donkey Punch Crabby and AQ Weetamoo Woods. Tiverton Donkey
1435 Sept 30, 2013 New Diamonds in the Rough Hash
? PG and Crotchy Diamond Hill Park ?
1434 Sept 23, 2013 New OOzing's Bike Hash
? OOzing Wrenthan Forest ?
1433 Sept 16, 2013 New Pawtucket City Hash
? Hairy & LB Belmont Park ?
1432 Sept 9, 2013 New Oz City Hash
Pussy Galore Basket Burrillville Middle School Pussy Galore
1431 Sept 2, 2013 New Labor of Love Hash
? Amish Lincon Woods, RI ?
1430A Aug 26, 2013 New Rusty's Recovery Hash
? Rusty Tiverton, RI ?
1430 Aug 23-25, 2013 New Rhode Trip Hash
? Dr WHO Chocorua, NH ?
1429 Aug 19, 2013 New N Central Conservation Area Hash
? Pubic Trattoria Romano, Lincoln ?
1428 Aug 12, 2013 New Dirty Culvert Hash
? WIPOS Weaver's Cove, Tiverton ?
1427 Aug 5, 2013 New Cripples and Graveyard Hash
? Shemale Stepping Stone Falls ?
1426 July 29, 2013 New Wally's Vintage Car Hash
Donkey WHO Wally's Tap Donkey
1425A July 22, 2013 New Quonset Bike Hash
? Weeballs Quonset Point ?
1425 July 19-22, 2013 New Pig Iron Rhode Trip Hash
Basket Tinker and Short Short Gilmanton Iron Works, NH Basket
1424 July 15, 2013 New New House Hash
?Basket Crabby and Ass Quack Middle Town Polo Fields WIPOS
1423 July 8, 2013 New LB and Hair's Shiggy Hash
WHO Luxury Box and Hairy Krishna J.L. Curran Fishing Area, Cranston WHO
1422 July 1, 2013 New OOzing's Revenge Hash
Basket OOzing Rockville, RI Basket
1421 June 24, 2013 New Ladies of the DOBHash
??? Crotchy and PG Waterman Grille Parking Lot ???
1420 June 17, 2013 New Providence Retard Hash
??? Retard'd Neutaconkanut Park ???
1419 June 10, 2013 New Everybody got wet Hash
Rusty Basket Burrillville Middle School Crabby AssQ and Rusty
1418 June 3, 2013 New Amish's Big River Adventure
Wee Balls Amish Park n Ride Exit 7 off 95 Wee Balls
1417 May 27, 2013 New Meet my father-in-law Hash
Shemale Rusty Wyatt Rd Soccer Fields Shemale
1416 May 20, 2013 New WIPOS lost his tail
the WIPOS Redux
PG with additional comments byShemale and Rusty Wipos Harkney Hill Rd, Coventry, RI Pussy Galore
1415 May 13, 2013 New the Donkey in a Well Shemale Man Donkey Harkney Hill Rd, Coventry, RI Shemale Man
1414 May 6, 2013 New Cinco de Mustache ??? Crabby Shag Wm Rogers School, Newport, RI ???
1413 April 29, 2013 New Wee Balls Big River Adventure Basket Wee Balls Fishing Area off 118 Coventry, RI Basket
1412 April 22, 2013 New Basket takes the Hash to a lower level ??? Basket Lower Level Bar, N.Smithfield, RI ???
1411 April 15, 2013 New Amish cure for Tax Anxiety ??? Amish Ryan Park, N Kingstown, RI ???
1410 April 8, 2013 New the WHO Next Hash Wee Balls Dr WHO The Monastery, Cumberland, RI Wee Balls
1409 April 1, 2013 New the April Fools Hash Pussy Galore Flobanger Snake Den Park, N.Providence, RI PG
1408 March 25, 2013 New the Sexual Life of the Camel Hash Ass Quack Shemale De Coitus, Smithfield, RI Ass Quack
1407 March 18, 2013 New the Green Dress Hash Rusty Hairy and Luxury Box A Mis-named park in Pawtucket, RI Rusty
1406 March 11, 2013 New the Hash goes to School Hash Basket Ass Quack and Crabby Curtis Corner, Piece Dale, RI Ralph Waldo Emerson
1405 March 4, 2013 New the kNOw WHO Hash Basket Dog Meat Lincoln Woods, Lincoln, RI AssQ and Shemale
1404 Feb 25, 2013 New the Free Beer & Rumney Fat Boy's Hash ? OOzing Shannon View, Warwick RI ???
1403 Feb 18, 2013 New the Presidential Hash ??? Rusty. Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, RI ???
1402 Feb 11, 2013 New the NEMO Hash OOzing W.I.P.O.S. Runnis River, E. Providence, RI ???
1401 Feb 4, 2013 New the James Joyce Hash Rusty Donkey and Pubic O'Simmins Pond, Tiverton, RI ???
1400 Jan 28, 2013 New the Burns Supper Hash Rusty Basket Burrillville Middle School, Burrillville, RI Crabby Shag